Send recorded materials
The Lithuanian Folklore Archives collects song notebooks, scrapbooks, photo albums, recordings of folk songs and music, and video footage of family and community celebrations. You can send life histories (narratives), documented religious processions, footage of 20th century and contemporary weddings, baptisms, birthday and anniversary celebrations, funerals and other ethnographic and folklore materials by email to (and/or bring it in person once the quarantine ends).

We are also collecting moments of state holiday and other commemorative celebrations ae well as materials related to the commemoration of Lithuania's Centennial of Independence on February 16, 2018, or any images of the 30-year commemoration of the Baltic Way that took place on August 23. Archives await photographs depicting the ways your family, organization, or community celebrated March 11, 2020 along with impressions, greetings, and wishes related to this day of Lithuania's restored independence. 

Postcard of Aušrinė Bareikytė-Čižikienė